Imagination Science™

Getting to the eureka moment

What makes humans able to create art, invent tools, think scientifically, and solve complex marketing challenges? Imagination. Yet, rather than being the purview of the right side of the brain, imagination is actually a neural network that creates a “mental workspace” and involves all four hemispheres of both the cerebrum and cerebellum. In other words, imagination is a neuroscience.

Imagination Science is a proprietary, scientifically based process designed to enrich the meaning of an experience and deepen an understanding of the physiology of our clients’ brands—with incredible results.

At Greater Than One, everything we do is

Made with Imagination

Imagine a place where imagination doesn’t just run free, it gallops!

The Imagination Lab is a place where the ideas that are generated effect monumental change for our clients' brands. And, in some cases, their companies.


Go inside the minds of our industry experts.

Imagine us working together.