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As human beings, we are blessed with the unique gift of imagination. However, not everyone has managed to successfully realize the potential.
Infuse storytelling with imagination and light up the brain.

Our brains are hardwired to receive information primarily through storytelling–and because stories are a shared experience, the more imaginative the story, the better.

Stories are a shared experience
Imagination is a powerful tool. It lives within the intersection of strategy, creative, and technology, and delivers compelling solutions. One of our stories began with our client giving us an IMPOSSIBLE GOAL.

Create the most innovative and impactful digital and social media campaign ever done in the pharmaceutical industry and move the needle on heart failure (HF) awareness globally by delivering more than 75MM impressions by the end of the year (6 months).

Wait, what?! To do this, we’d have to IMAGINE an even bigger story: A pioneering, socially led, and integrated campaign story that elevated the conversation about HF around the world.

“We imagined a global HF conversation that didn’t exist before.”

—John Mahler, Partner, Strategy, Greater Than One

Enough said. Keep It Pumping was the first campaign in pharma to use social media on this scale.

“Billions engaged in our message. Imagine billions of people engaged and sharing content about HF. It was incredible!”

—Pilar Belhumeur, Executive Creative Director, Greater Than One

Brains hardwired to receive

We listened, we learned, and more than 100,000 people received our message and became community members delivering more than 750MM impressions (yes, you read that right, 100x more than we were asked to deliver)!

“At its core, Keep It Pumping was powered by a technology platform to enable people to engage authentically and to amplify meaningful dialogues with patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.”

—Ken Winell, Chief Technology Officer, Greater Than One

And that client story just got bigger and better as we imagined it. For Keep It Pumping, we created a first-in-pharma initiative—Facebook Live Q&A Chat—connecting patients and caregivers with leading key opinion leaders and advocates inside a powerful digital ecosystem. On top of that, we created a supporting app that engaged celebrities to generate a conversation and a movement, starting with donating a heartbeat, while cutting through barriers of geography with a universal language to speak about and spark conversation on heart failure.

“By accepting an ‘impossible’ challenge, we imagined a new possibility, making what was impossible possible.”

—Kieran Walsh, President, Greater Than One

Imagination as a powerful tool

In another category with a large unmet need, where patients go undiagnosed for many years, every new patient is, quite simply, a pretty big deal and has an important story to tell. Imagination was a powerful tool in the unbranded direct-to-consumer campaign we created for Prolastin-C.

Remarkably, we were able to redefine a subset of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bringing awareness to those who might have genetic COPD.

“The ultimate goals are to create awareness and education, and to accelerate testing for alpha-1 deficiency (“genetic COPD”), an incurable rare disease, typically misdiagnosed in COPD sufferers, that progressively worsens and destroys lung tissue.”

—Maureen Costello, Principal, Strategy, Greater Than One

These are underserved patients in poor overall health who experience the most negative impact of COPD, describing COPD as moderate to severe. They feel the need to be proactive to get the best care and are the highest active seekers of COPD information. One patient told us: “It just spoke of the possibilities and the future more to me. I tend to try to live my life. Sometimes you have to identify what the problem is to be able to overcome it. I don’t tend to agree with the blaming or the judging perspective. I like to look toward the future. I’m very solution oriented.”

“What is incredible is the lives we touch with our campaign. The unmet need is definitely there. This is the first time a disesase-awareness site——ranked above a .org in SEO.”

—Pam Pinta, Partner, Account, Greater Than One

Ross Thomson, Chief Creative Officer, shares his thoughts on the neuroscience of imagination, the concept of narrative transportation, and the good news that doctors have brains and can be open to compelling storytelling.

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