in the Enterprise

Enterprise, the single point of truth, and why every company should be saying
“Beam me aboard!”
Connecting the dots to get the big-picture views.

As data piles up, our clients’ organizations often develop master data management solutions and data visualizations, so that the wealth of information can be digested and consumed more easily by the business stakeholders. Greater Than One asserts there is something overlooked here. That’s the ability to connect the dots across the enterprise so systems are joined together for a more complete, non-siloed perspective.

GTO’s Three Chiefs of Imagination—Andrew Bast, Chief Strategy Officer; Ken Winell, Chief Technology Officer; and Ross Thomson, Chief Creative Officer—podcast about the advantages that robust enterprise solutions can bring to an organization, including more agility, better customer insights, and improved dialogue amongst the various business areas.

Episode 3
“Going boldly is the crux to everything.”

In the enterprise, being transformational, imaginative, and innovative prevents being handcuffed by the tools, the processes, the achievements that have come before. You have to be able to liberate yourself from all of that at any moment to be able to say, “I don’t have to follow this orthodoxy, this dogma, and I’m not going to.” What’s next?

Episode 2
“Take me out, warp factor three.”

In the enterprise, data is information and we need to make sure that the human factor comes into that. We connect the dots, because we have to move information into insights: What did we learn? Then we have to move it into implications: What does that mean? And then we have to finally move into recommendations: What are we going to do about it? And that Triple I-R pathway, that information to insights, to implications, to recommendations is what we have to deliver to our clients, and we use our imagination to do that.

Episode 1
“Everything I learned, I learned from Star Trek.”

In the enterprise, we humans make decisions with gut instinct, and then we try to post-rationalize it and put some logic on it using data. Then we experience analysis paralysis. In this episode, the three chiefs start to explore where and how we get to use our imagination.