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As human beings, we are blessed with the unique gift of imagination. However, not everyone has managed to successfully realize the potential.
Novartis: Keep it Pumping

Global Social Movement for Heart Failure Awareness

Novartis tasked us with creating the most innovative and impactful digital and social media campaign ever done in pharma to create global heart failure awareness in advance of the launch of Entresto. We were tasked with delivering more than 75MM impressions in 6 months. We imagined a social movement that started a global HF conversation that didn’t exist before. Billions engaged and donated their heartbeat through an app and then shared their donation on their social channels. We engaged celebrities to promote the campaign and spark the conversation through their followers. In addition to social, we built a powerful digital ecosystem that galvanized the movement and moved the needle on HF awareness worldwide.

Obagi: Digital Experiences

Social Presence and New Pro-C Product Launch

The past two years have been digitally transformative for the Obagi franchise, in both their customer and consumer worlds. With Obagi Medical, we have further enhanced the relationship between the customers and consumers by creating microsites for new product launches, creating support for the customers, and ultimately educating consumers to go to their doctors. By utilizing their scientific background, we set Obagi Clinical up for success when we reached consumers through an ecommerce platform, via Sephora. Through digital experiences, we have established the building blocks of what will be a fully immersive digital experience for the Obagi portfolio.

Grifols: Genetic COPD

DTC awareness campaign of Genetic COPD

Grifols asked us to develop a DTC campaign to create awareness and education, and to accelerate testing for alpha-1 deficiency. Alpha-1 is an incurable rare disease, typically misdiagnosed in COPD sufferers, that progressively worsens and destroys lung tissue. The campaign we came up with renamed the disease state to “Genetic COPD” to distinguish it from the larger disease state and inform patients that it could be inherited. The campaign and website encouraged them to “Look beyond smoking” and get tested to find out if they have genetic COPD. We touched many lives with the campaign and it is the first time a disease awareness site ranked above a .org in SEO.

Alnylam: DSE Website for PH1

Disease State Awareness Website for HCPs

Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 (PH1), is a rare metabolic stone disease. If left unmanaged it is fatal. Unfortunately, many doctors aren’t aware that recurrent kidney stones in adults and any kidney stones in children are signs of PH1. We created the Behind the Stone Disease state awareness website to educate doctors on this rare progressive genetic disease. It encourages doctors to test early if they see recurrent kidney stones in an adult and any kidney stone in a child. The imaginative site design utilizes crystals and a parallax layout to create a dynamic experience for doctors as they learn about PH1.